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1. What should I do if I have an auto accident?


In the event of an accident, there are several things to remember:


Do not leave the scene of the accident until you have exchanged contact information with the others involved. Make sure you are in a safe location.


Call 911 and follow their instructions. If there are any injuries in minor accidents, the police may instruct you to exchange information and then contact your insurance company

Do not discuss who is at fault with other parties.


Do not disclose your policy details. You should only share your driver’s license number, policy number, Insurance name, and phone number.


Request a tow If the police have not arranged your tow we can assist you.



 2. When will the repairs to my vehicle be done?


Because of the many steps involved in collision repair it is difficult to estimate the amount of time it will take to complete repairs.


Completion time is dependent on insurance approval, parts availability, and compensating for any supplements that may not included in the original estimate.


These are only some of the steps involved in the repair of your vehicle, and each step may occur in its own time frame, making it impossible to determine an exact completion date.



3. Does Mark 2 Collision Center make rental car arrangements?


Yes, upon request, Wer can arrange for a rental car to be delivered when you drop off your vehicle for servicing.


Claimants will pay nothing. If you are the insured, and you have rental car coverage,

you will need to contact your agent to discuss the terms of your agreement.



4. What is the warranty policy of Mark2 Collision Center?


Mark 2 Collision Center offers a lifetime guarantee on all repairs performed by a member of our service team. Click here to learn more about Mark 2 Collision Center’s warranty policy.



5. When do I pay my deductible?


Unless otherwise specified, all deductible payments should be made to Mark 2 Collision Center upon the completion of repairs to your vehicle.



6. How long, after repairs, should I wait before washing my vehicle?


After the completion of vehicle repairs, customers are welcome to wash their vehicle as soon as they’d like.

Waxing should wait 90 days.

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